Nature of tax program

“I just got sick of watching hard working people not find a way to put something aside. The way they ran their finances, meant that they just shoved all their money to Canberra as tax. I had to find a way, so I created an opportunity for even the smallest business – they can take their wealth now before Canberra”

Gavin waring CEO Your Business Angels group.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Last Thursday when talking to a client I asked how much he wanted to put aside. He said as much as possible as he was close to retirement and had nothing. So, we put 17% of his annual banking’s of $165,000 straight into super, gave him a percentage for tax and then the balance was for running the business and personal use. This was the beginning. We reversed the game – we took the tax-free money first.

By following our Nature of tax program, we will help you plan to put aside the tax-free money first – not see what’s left after you have spent it all, or already paid it in tax to Canberra.

Using this program – gets great results in the way you operate the business. It has a reenergising effect.

How we felt when we discovered how to use “The Nature of Tax”

When we are touched tangibly by something previously unknown perceptions change.

Our daily business patterns become more intentional.

It creates a necessity to be thinking through how to go about a business day, it can create a mindfulness of sorts.

This is a relief as well, from the mind numbing and sole destroying efforts sometimes felt in running a business, all this pain now has purpose. The physical and mental effort to run a business now give the business owner something tangible.

The reason to be in business is rediscovered, your energy can be enhanced, and your wealth grows. You now notice more about your business and what you need to do and work it in a way that will surprise you daily.