The great majority of Australian Businesses are small enterprises and report on a cash basis.

A business owner is busy providing their services and products and need to know is it all worthwhile, are they making money and how can they capture some of that money for their goals and plans.

Using our own Precis system, we show you each month what has happened to the cash and if there is a surplus. Without a cash surplus and cash planning, whatever the financials show – the profit and loss and balance sheet you are never going to go forward. The modern approach to accounting has been about showing the results and not the cash and we want you our client to understand the cash then let’s see how the business is performing.

Our system has been designed to be very competitive in pricing. The needs of the client needs to be meet with economies in the costs, and most importantly economies in the time the client spends on accounts. With 63% of all enterprises in Australia being just one person and another 23% having 4 or less employees business owners don’t have the time to invest to know “what’s going on?”.

And then there is the taxman

Even Australia’s smallest business get taxed at a lot of levels and by a number of the layers of Government. Staying of their Radar, meeting the obligations is all part of what is needed from an accountant and we make that our job.